Hospital Hosts Farmers Market


Scotland County Hospital was recently approached by local producers to host a Farmers Market on Hospital property.  Because the mission of Scotland County Hospital is to improve the health of our communities, with services close to home, there was no hesitation to accept the offer.   Starting June 23rd and every Thursday afternoon until fall, the Farmers Market will be set up at Memphis Medical Services (Parking Lot B - Watkins Street) from 2 pm-6 pm, near the Library Conference Center, and is open to the public (watch for signs).  In addition to healthy fruits & vegetables, there will be locally grown meats, eggs, homemade pizza crusts, jams, jellies and homemade baked goods.

The Hospital's hope is that this new venue for the farmers market will increase the likelihood that patients, visitors & staff will eat nutritious fresh foods.  Foods sold locally are able to ripen in the field and be picked the day of the market, so fruits & veggies achieve peak ripeness on the vine or tree, developing full flavor and nutrient content.   Additionally, food produced locally travels a shorter distance from farm to plate, decreasing energy used and air pollution generated from transport. 

Hospital-based farmers markets are not uncommon.  Several Missouri hospitals & clinics, as well as healthcare facilities nation-wide, have been hosting farmers markets for years.  Hospital-based farmers markets are one way for hospitals & clinics to help realize a number of health goals related to patients, staff and their community.  For example, Allen Memorial Hospital in Waterloo, IA, has operated a seasonal farmers market since 1999 to increase their staff & community's access to fresh produce.  Hosting the farmers market on-site is a way for Scotland County Hospital & Clinics to demonstrate their recognition that local food production plays a key role in the health and well being of the communities served.  Watch the Hospital's Facebook page ( for updates on weekly produce for sale at the market.

Patients, be prepared, at your next visit, your doctor may prescribe: 1 bundle of carrots, 2 eggplants and 3 cucumbers to lower your cholesterol!

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