PaintFest Coming To Memphis


The Foundation for Hospital Art (FFHA), headquartered in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, is teaming up with Scotland County Hospital and Scotland County Care Center to bring PaintFest to Memphis on Friday, March 13 from 10 am - 1 pm at the Scotland County Care Center. All from the community are invited to participate. The event is free of charge and open to the public.

Scott Feight, CEO, FFHA, and son of the FFHA founder, John Feight, recently offered to bring PaintFest to Memphis. The Foundation for Hospital Art's mission is “to give comfort and hope to those who suffer in hospitals by providing artwork at no cost to hospitals". The PaintFest will be a relaxing and social experience for participants from across the region, of all ages and abilities, with NO artistic experience needed, to come together at the Care Center and complete canvas murals that will decorate the walls of both the Care Center and Hospital to commemorate their 50th Anniversaries. The PaintFest experience is dedicated to involving patients, residents and volunteers to create colorful, soothing artwork donated to hospitals to help soften the often-stressful hospital experience.

Each PaintFest is a unique and special event, but all are filled with smiles, joy, and the common goal of caring about people. The amazing thing about PaintFest is that no artistic experience is needed! Designs are drawn in advance at the Foundation's headquarters in Marietta, GA. The canvases, art supplies (the paint is water soluble), smocks, drop cloths and other materials needed have already arrived at Scotland County Hospital. The Foundation for Hospital Art leverages a paint-by-color block methodology design and technique that allows everyone to participate—regardless of their skill with a brush. Through the years, volunteers as young as three and as old as 103 have participated in PaintFest events, culminating in beautiful, colorful, and healing environments in communities across the world.

The PaintFest team is also bringing enough canvases to allow volunteers to go into patient & resident rooms, when & where appropriate, and paint with them at the bedside, if they are unable to make it out to the PaintFest location at the Care Center. Once all of the canvases are completed, the giant canvases combine together to make bright and colorful murals for the facilities' walls.
During a PaintFest event, participating community members, school children, hospital patients & staff, care center residents and staff team up to complete the paintings by following the “color code.” At the end of PaintFest, the artwork is touched up by Foundation staff and unveiled.

The Foundation for Hospital Art is a unique organization, with a massive geographic footprint impacting the lives of so many patients across the world. Over the last 30+ years and with the help of more than 1 million volunteers and patients, the Foundation for Hospital Art has created more than 44,000 paintings for more than 4,000 hospitals in 195 countries.

Founder John Feight conceptualized the idea of conducting PaintFest in 1975 when he volunteered to paint a mural at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA. The idea developed over the many years Feight spent painting in hospitals and seeing the comfort art provided to patients, medical staff, families and visitors. John Feight witnessed firsthand traditional hospital settings, typically exemplified by white, sterile walls and ceilings. Exam rooms, waiting rooms, and corridors—areas where healthcare professionals and other caregivers work long days, and where families and patients spend many hours waiting—are too often colorless, lifeless, and certainly not inviting. As Feight painted murals across the country, experience after experience proved to him that nothing a hospital could provide in the way of technological and scientific advances was as supportive as an atmosphere of compassion—both human and aesthetic—in institutions where patients, caregivers, and staff spend time to be healed.

Come by the Scotland County Care Center on Friday, March 13, 2020, between 10 am - 1 pm and paint as much or as little as you wish. Paint a corner of a canvas for 15 minutes or paint a whole canvas for 2 hours or more. The fellowship, conversations and paint strokes will be good medicine for anyone.

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