"The Randy Tobler Show" Rates #1


In the media world, ratings are your report card.  Nielsen numbers are what matters. And, the numbers are in for January; "The Randy Tobler Show" on FM NewsTalk 97.1 out of St. Louis is ranked #1 with adults age 35-54 in the market according to the January PPM results.  Tobler also scored big in January with other audiences, "The Randy Tobler Show" is ranked #4 with Adults age 25-54 and with the male audience, he's ranked #2.   The show has been on the air for over a decade, and this is not the first time it's been at the top of the ratings.  Interestingly, KMOX, out of St. Louis that bills itself as "The Voice of St. Louis" was ranked #19 to Tobler's #1 ranking in January.

These rankings are based on the PPM which is the Portable People Meter.  This is a system developed by Arbitron (now Nielson Audio) to measure how many people are exposed or listening to individual radio stations & television stations, including cable television.  The PPM is worn like a pager, and detects hidden audio tones within a station or network's audio stream, logging each time it finds such a signal.

Dr. Tobler goes on the air, live, every Saturday morning from what he refers to as "The Liberty Lair," which is most generally his in-home studio in the basement of his house near Bible Grove, MO.  What's the topic?  Politics, politics and more politics!  "The Randy Tobler Show" is an issue oriented, informative and passionate talk show dealing with what's first and foremost on the minds of Americans.  It airs, live, every Saturday morning from 6 am - 10 am on FM NewsTalk 97.1When he's especially fired up, callers have, on occasion, affectionately renamed him "Ranty" Tobler!

Occasionally, you'll find Dr. Tobler on a live remote on Saturday morning in the St. Louis area.  He was live at the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show last spring.  A week before the November election, he was at the GOP headquarters in St. Charles chit-chatting with Eric Greitens, now Missouri's Governor. 

Besides being the host of the popular Saturday morning "The Randy Tobler Show," he's a correspondent for Talk Media News (TMN) where he offers periodic video segments on health related topics.  He and his wife, Heliene Tobler, PhD, a holistic nutritionist, actively provide health content, podcasts and blogs at and they are co-hosts to the local award-winning "Healthy U Radio Show" on KMEM FM 100.5, heard every Tuesday morning, live from the KMEM studio in Memphis, MO.  These communication enterprises are part of his business, RTE, Randy Tobler Enterprises.   His wife refers to him as a 'news junkie' while he refers to her as "The Queen of Kale!"  Drs. Randy & Heliene Tobler live south of Memphis, MO, in Scotland County, near Bible Grove and they have three grown children.

Tobler has been on the St. Louis airwaves for many years, first with medical radio/TV broadcasts, and since 2004 on "The Randy Tobler Show".  In 2004, he anchored a pre-debate "tri-cast", with two other network stations, from the Washington University Presidential Debate site in St. Louis.  That broadcast won the Missouri Broadcaster Association award for "Special News Programming".  In 2011, the Missouri Hospital Association awarded First Place to the "Healthy U Radio Show" in the Media Relations Activity or Program, Small Rural Hospital division.

Dr. Tobler is a native of St. Louis and trained at the prestigious Washington University School of Medicine.  He is a board certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist.  He is the CEO of Scotland County Hospital in Memphis, while he is also a practicing physician and sees patients at Memphis Medical Services, Lancaster Medical Services and Samaritan Hospital.

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