Zero Highway Fatalities in Scotland County


Safety Coalition Recognizes Zero Highway Fatalities in Scotland County


MACON - In 2014, there were no fatalities on roads in Scotland County, and while "zero" is a good thing to celebrate in this case, the Northeast Coalition for Roadway Safety and its partners recognize there are many counties throughout northeast Missouri who weren't as fortunate.  "While we had four counties in northeast Missouri who had zero road fatalities in 2014, our goal is to have zero fatalities on all roads not only in our area, but throughout the state," explained MoDOT Area Engineer Amy Crawford, who sits on the executive committee of the Northeast Coalition for Roadway Safety.

"This is just an opportunity to recognize the county and the partners of the Coalition for their efforts and help bring awareness that they are making a difference in lives of those who travel Missouri roads," Crawford added.

Safety partners available to make a brief presentation to the Scotland County Commissioners included Brian Pollard, Ambulance Services Supervisor at Scotland County Hospital, Kim Ludwik with the Scotland County Health Department, Brent Bondurant, the guidance counselor who administers the Battle of the Belt program at Scotland County High School, Sheriff Wayne Winn, and Melody Whitacre with the Northeast Missouri Planning Commission.

"We have so many individuals in the county working together on the effort of reducing fatalities," said Danette Clatt, commissioner. "This effort is enhanced by the motorists that make the decision to put on their seat belts every time they get in the vehicle," she added.  

Since the formation of the statewide Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, Missouri fatalities have been reduced to nearly half.  "We started in 2006 with more than 1200 and we're down to below 750, which isn't enough," Crawford stated.  "We need to continue to work toward zero," she added, "and we appreciate all those who take safe driving seriously."

The Northeast Coalition for Roadway Safety provides funding for safety partners with the goal to reduce fatalities on Missouri roads.  In Scotland County, the Sheriff's department is a recipient of funding to help with law enforcement efforts. 

The Northeast Coalition meets quarterly around the region, which is comprised of 17 counties.  Their next meeting is in Hannibal on March 18.  More details are available on the Coalition web site at

(Picture and Cutline) From left to right: Melody Whitacre, NEMO RPC; David Wiggins, commissioner; Brent Bondurant with Scotland County Schools; Sheriff Wayne Winn; Danette Clatt, commissioner; Batina Dodge, county clerk; Kim Ludwick with the Scotland County Health Department; Amy Crawford with the Northeast Coalition for Roadway Safety; and Brian Pollard with Scotland County Hospital.

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