Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

SCH Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

If you have been referred to Early Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation, you have most likely experienced a cardiac event that has caused a great deal of stress for your and your loved ones. Depression and anxiety are common feelings as you deal with the changes in your body image & life-style.

The SCH Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is designed to support you in your healing process, both physically and emotionally, and to assist you and your family in understanding & managing your disease.

  • Evaluation by our rehabilitation team.
  • Development of an individualized lifestyle plan to improve quality of life and reduce the chances of another cardiac event.
  • Supervised exercise sessions to evaluate heart condition, speed recovery, and improve endurance.
  • Education on topics such as Heart Function, Risk Factors for Heart Disease, Exercise Techniques, Smoking Cessation, Heart Healthy Diets, and Stress Management


  • To help you live a full & active life
  • To help you learn to exercise & work in a way that your heart is able to handle
  • To teach you about heart disease and heart healthy livin
At Scotland County Hospital's Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center our goal is to help you change those risk factors in your life that make you more likely to have heart problems.

Krissy Siegfried, RN