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Contact Information:
Phone: 660-465-8511 x1107
Fax: 660-465-2365

The Health Information Center at SCH was previously known as Medical Records Department. With today's electronic media changes, Health Information Departments are vital to health care clinics and hospitals across the nation, keeping track of individual's electronic medical records.

Medical records contain the history of your health care. These records are a collection of your personal health information collected throughout your life. The information inside these records may sometime save your life in an emergency.

Your electronic health care records are confidential and at SCH, they are guarded with a high level of security.

Each record contains a person’s blood type as well as a history of previous surgeries and illnesses along with a copy of allergies, and your advanced directives for health care (living will).

The Health Information Department must also deal with any new regulations as they are passed down from regulatory organizations & the government. New federal and state laws require that an individual must provide their personal signature in order to get copies of their own personal medical record. Relatives or friends are no longer allowed to sign for copies of another person's record, unless they are an appointed guardian or have Power of Attorney.

Always easy to work with and accommodating to your needs or requests, the Health Information Department at Scotland County Hospital is happy to serve you!

Staff Members:

Angela Schmitter, R.H.I.T., Director
Dena Schmitter, Medical Records Technician
Jodie Jackson, Medical Record Clerk