The Pharmacy Department is responsible for all aspects of medication distribution in the hospital.  Our goal is to provide you with safe, effective and cost efficient medication therapy with minimal side effects during your stay with us. The pharmacist is available for consultation and questions. 

Staff from the pharmacy department evaluates and monitors patient medication regimens as part of the team that includes the physician, nurses and other hospital caregivers. Each medication is reviewed for how it will affect patients during and after their hospital stay.

Scotland County Hospital also employs automated dispensing cabinets that provides quick access to medications and decreases medication errors, further ensuring that the medication is appropriate and its use is monitored for safety.  This ensures that you receive your medication on time and in the correct order. This system reduces human error in your medication dispensation process.

If you have any questions related to the Pharmacy Department at Scotland County Hospital, please contact Kim Smith, Pharmacy Tech at 660-465-8511 x1258.