Skilled Nursing Unit

Whether you’re recovering from an extended illness, serious injury or major surgery, our Skilled Nursing Unit (SNU) offers compassionate care to help you recover and get back to your regular daily activities in your own home.  Skilled Nursing Units are often referred to as “Swing Bed.”

Our skilled nursing staff is committed to providing quality medical and rehabilitation services at a higher level than traditional nursing homes.  Scotland County Hospital Skilled Nursing Unit is focused on the next step of recovery, the transition between inpatient hospital care and going home.  Whether recuperation involves physical therapy or a more intensive treatment, it is our primary goal to see patients return home as a result of a personalized plan of care that involves care-givers, the patient, and family members.

Being located within the hospital facilitates physician involvement and affords easier access to medical testing and emergency medical support than what may be offered at a nursing home.  Scotland County Hospital Skilled Nursing Unit offers several advantages over a traditional nursing home with these services:
  • Immediate access to hospital services, including IV therapy, radiology & lab
  • Immediate access to your primary care physician
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation 5 – 6 days/week with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy
  • Staffing ratios well above the industry average
  • On-site Emergency Room
  • On-site Certified Wound Care Team
  • On-site Code Team
Because our goal is to get the patient back to their regular routines and lifestyle, patients are encouraged to bring their own clothes from home and pictures, pillows/blankets or other small personal items that would aid in their return to their regular activities.  We encourage incorporating some of the comforts of home into the recovery process.  We also encourage participation in daily planned activities.  Some of these activities include:
  • Cooking
  • Baking Cookies
  • Playing Cards
  • Watching Movies
  • Playing Board Games


How do patients get admitted to the Skilled Nursing Unit at Scotland County Hospital?

Physicians refer patients to skilled nursing facilities.  Please tell your physician or the Discharge Planner that you wish to have skilled nursing services (often referred to as “Swing Bed”) at the hospital in Memphis – Scotland County Hospital.  Ask them to contact Shelly Girardin, RN, Swing Bed Coordinator at Scotland County Hospital at 660-465-8511.

What about payment?

Scotland County Hospital Skilled Nursing Unit is approved by Medicare.  Medicare can pay up to 100 days as long as the patient has a three (3) night hospital stay prior to admission and their care needs meet the requirements to qualify for coverage. Other costs may be covered by private insurance plans or by the patient.

How often does a doctor see a patient?

A doctor sees a patient 1 – 2 times a week and as often as is medically necessary.  

What if I need beauty shop or barber services?
It is the staff’s pleasure to make these arrangements for you and there are a variety of options, including bedside services.  You or a family member will need to make arrangements for payment for these services.

What happens after patients are discharged?
Patients may return home, or to a care facility with a lower level of nursing/medical care.

For more information about Scotland County Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Unit or to make a physician referral, please contact Shelly Girardin, Swing Bed Coordinator at 660-465-8511.

If you are a physician or discharge planner and you would like to make a referral to Scotland County Hospital, please contact Shelly Girardin, Swing Bed Coordinator at 660-465-8511.